Dealer Candidate Course

The Canada West Equipment Dealers Association, in partnership with Jerkins Creative Consulting (JCC) is pleased to announce the dates for the 2014 Dealer Candidate Course. To be held June 24-25, 2014 in Regina, SK; the course is now open for registration!

The Dealer Candidate® Course course will prepare and train your staff to acheive excellence.  Whether you are looking at succession planning or creating more qualified departmental or corporate leadership, this course takes your leaders and prepares them for the next level of management and vision. 

JCC's Dealer Candidate® Course students are trained by seasoned industry experts in a structured, sequential program. Students apply this knowledge at the dealership and are held accountable for what they learn throughout the course. The Dealer Candidate® Course is for Dealer Principals, Branch or General Managers, mid-level managers, or employees who are being groomed as future leaders in the business. It is a multi-year program that requires classroom and on-the-job training through the duration. Students are required to attend three sessions each year. There is pre and post-testing for certain modules, and practical application homework assignments are due between sessions.

Each module of the Dealer Candidate® Course is taught by JCC Specialists who have specialized experience in that particular field of study.

The results are dealership leaders who are better equipped to increase profitability and ensure long-term success.

A brochure with more information on the program is available here!

To register, or for more information, contact Liana in the Canada West office: (403 250-7581) or Shawn Smith at JCC (618 435-3739)

What students are saying:

“The Dealer Candidate Course was some of the best training I have received.  From Accounting, Parts, Service and Sales Management to managing my people, I have learned something new every module.  I have started to implement these practices in my dealership and we are starting to reap the benefits.  Thank you Jerkins!”
-Tweed Country Ag
“ If you are able to learn or bring one idea home after a training session, it was worth it.  I have achieved this!”
-Schroder Bros